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Principal’s Visit
     Prof. Richard Williams, Principal and Vice Chancellor of Heriot-Watt University visited the labs, students, and staff of the CDT in Applied Photonics on 30 August 2019.
During the visit first year students Natalie Bruce and Gary Quinn gave an overview of the taught courses. Second year students Tamer Cosgun, Nicholas Smith and Rowan Pocock discussed the Professional Skills Training provided by the CDT. Third year student Hollie Wright discussed the Outreach training opportunities and Andreas Aβman the CDT International Summer School. Fourth year student Anna Michalska provided an overview of her CDT experience.
Dr. Adam Polak, who had recently completed his EngD, and his supervisor Prof. Stephen Marshall, who is
also CDT Deputy Director, discussed their successful student-supervisor relationship and the relationship with the industrial sponsor of Adam’s research.
Prof. Williams visited the research labs of Prof. Daniel Esser who is supervisor to CDT students Michael Reilly, Mariastefania De Vido, Munadi Ahmad and Paul Harrison.
Prof. Williams commented after the event "What an astounding team and research ethos in photonics with frontier laser research that has profound impact on our safety, communications, manufacturing capability, scientific instrumentation and medical technology. Thank you for the inspiring visit."
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