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  Louise Exton joins CDT Executive Team
We are delighted that Louise Exton has been appointed as the new Centre Administrator. Louise, who joined the CDT during lockdown in April 2020, has been working remotely along with all members of the CDT Executive team and has proved herself to be great asset to the team.
Louise was previously Administrator to the Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences, prior to this she was an Energy Analyst with Wood Mackenzie.
AILU Young UK Laser Engineer's Prize 2019
Dr. Mariastefania De Vido has been awarded the Association of Industrial Lasers Users (AILU) - Young UK Laser Engineer's Prize 2019. Her research project ‘Advanced gain materials for high energy, high average power lasers’ is undertaken in conjunction with the STFC Central Laser Facility and Heriot-Watt University. Mariastefania is developing a new type of high-energy laser with an average power output which far exceeds
that of traditional lasers, has applications which
will benefit industries such as aviation, and efficient generation of particles and X-rays for the development of novel medical and imaging techniques.
Professor Lin Li, President of the AILU advised: “The Prize is designed to help encourage young people in the UK to develop their interests in laser applications. It is awarded to an individual early in their career, for a significant piece of work. The work must be conducted in the UK and have real or potential economic gain for the parent organisation and preferably for the wider industrial laser user community."
Mariastefania receives this prize for her significant contribution to the design and development of the DiPOLE laser system at the Central Laser Facility, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. An upgraded DiPOLE system with 100 J of laser radiation within a 10ns pulse at a 10Hz repetition rate has been developed by the team and installed at HiLASE in the Czech Republic.
Dr Martin Divoký – a senior member of HiLASE, provided the following comment: “Mariastefania De Vido participated on development of a new generation of high energy and high-power laser system. She alone ray traced the whole system, optimized the beam propagation, and mitigated the system against ghost foci. This helped to run the system smoothly and the laser system has become, and still is, the most powerful nanosecond laser system in the world.”
Professor Daniel Esser - Mariastefania’s academic supervisor at Heriot-Watt University, said: “It is a great pleasure to work with such an outstanding researcher as Mariastefania. Her work will result in significant advancements in laser technology, as well as more broadly for the international optics community”
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