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  Glasgow Science Centre Outreach Meet the Experts
In February 2020 we held our annual training in outreach and public engagement. This was followed
in early March with the usual visit to Glasgow Science Centre to deliver interactives designed by our students.
There were two stands from the CDT at Glasgow Science Centre. Kyle and Paolo’s (pictured) used heat vision cameras to look at hot thermos flasks and cold bags of ice to demonstrate how the camera picks up temperatures.
On the other stand, Daniel demonstrated diffraction:
‘I used diffraction glasses to show the kids the spectrum of light from a white light source. I could then talk about how white light contains all the colours of the rainbow and how the glasses scattered light much like raindrops do when rainbows are formed’.
As this was only a few weeks before the eventual lockdown, and as cases of Covid-19 were rising in Scotland, we were concerned for the safety of our students and so asked that students only attend if they felt safe to do so. Three students did, and the rest will be invited back to Glasgow Science Centre the next time we are able to run the event.
International Summer School 2020
Our third biennial Summer School, ‘SUSSP 76 Photonic Sensing, Imaging and Analysis’ was due to be held in June 2020. Like many events over the past year, this was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has shaped so much of 2020.
Our line-up of speakers (pictured) comprised world- leading academic researchers on the themes of photonic sensing and metrology, computationally assisted imaging and sensing and device technologies for photonic imaging and sensing.
Despite the setback, we will be hosting the Summer School in 2021, learning from our academic colleagues currently delivering blended learning at our universities and watching closely how remote learning and online conferences are being successfully delivered.
Our aim for our summer school in 2021 is to blend in-person talks and workshops with online sessions, avoiding cancellation if it is unsafe to attend in person. This is also an excellent opportunity for us to think about the carbon footprint of the Summer School, enabling international speakers and delegates to avoid travelling great distances to attend.
We are fortunate that most of our speakers will be able to attend in 2021 and we are looking forward to delivering an engaging and rewarding Summer School to all our delegates.
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