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 Our Students
Year 1
Rachel Cannon
Stuart Clark
Louise Finlayson
James Jackson
Angel Victor Juanco Muller
Ellis Kelly
Alexandra Lee
Stavros Misopoulos
Calvin Wan
David Webster
Paul White
Suki Yau
Laser Research and Therapy Fund
Canon Medical
Edinburgh Instruments
AMETEK Taylor Hobson
KP Technology
Lightpoint Medical
Project Title
Miniaturised high-reliability lasers for quantum technologies
Hybrid optical-digital coherence tomography
Fluorescence imaging, diagnosis, and photodynamic therapy for brain tumours
Optical fibre sensing for offshore renewable energy
Graph convolutional neural networks for medical image analysis
Stand-off, SPAD-enhanced ultra-violet Raman spectroscopy
Development of a novel single photon quantum key detection (QKD) optical ground station for secure satellite based communications
Design and build of a high specification extended FTIR spectrometer
Miniature phase grating interferometer contact gauge/high speed phase shifting interferometric gauge
Kelvin probe and ambient photoemission measurements of organic and hybrid semiconductors
Ultrashort-pulse optical frequency combs for quantum technologies and sensing
Biomedical imaging and signal processing for the intra-operative detection of cancerous tissue
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