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Will you be involved in setting exam questions in connection with your lectures?
Not yet
Date needed
Notes for actions
Have you thought about how you will share your lecture materials with students - online, paper-based and so on?
Small Group Teaching
Have you got tutorials, classes, workshops, laboratories, problem-solving classes or other small group teaching sessions to prepare?
Do you know roughly how many of these you will have and with how many students?
Do you know where these  t into the overall module or programme?
Are you giving the associated lectures yourself? If not, do you know who is?
Do you know what the small group sessions are intended to cover? Do you already know the subject matter?
Do you know roughly how big the groups will be for these?
Marking, Assessment and Feedback
Will you have marking to do?
Have you experience already of marking students' work and giving them feedback?
Approximately how many students' work will you have to mark?
Will you be giving the related lectures, or just some of them, or will other colleagues be giving the lectures?
Do you know who will be giving you guidance and instruction on how to do this to  t in with the Heriot-Watt marking and grading criteria?
Have you located (and bookmarked) the Heriot-Watt Learning and Teaching Policy Bank? academic-registry/quality/ learning-teaching/learning-and- teaching-policies.htm

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