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The LTA is founded on partnership and collaboration across our
global University: our Schools, our professional services teams, and our students. It comprises a broad network of groups and individuals committed to inspiring teaching and creating dynamic learning communities. We also work closely with colleagues from across the higher education sector and beyond to share and develop creative thinking and effective practice in teaching and learning.
This network and the programme of activity of the LTA is facilitated by a small core team, comprised of a Professorial Director, academic staff with specialist interests in learning and teaching, and programme and project support.
LTA activity is aligned to the implementation of Strategy 2025 and the University’s Learning
and Teaching Strategy, Inspiring Learning. It does so by supporting the implementation of strategic initiatives, facilitating collaboration, and offering tailored support and development opportunities to staff across the institution.
Our focus centres on four areas of activity: Inspiring Teaching, Inspiring Collaboration, Inspiring Innovation and Scholarship, and Inspiring Leadership in Learning and Teaching. The remainder of this prospectus outlines this offer in more detail.

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