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At HWU, Approaches to Teaching will:
• facilitate a progressive development from students’ earlier learning and teaching experiences;
• encourage practical, problem-based approaches to learning
• cultivate approaches to learning which are independent, active and collaborative
• support students in becoming re ective, responsible and resilient learners (as part of the institutional approach to learning to learn and positive education)
• promote active engagement in acquiring knowledge
• be part of an institution-wide shift in teaching practice, but not result in standardisation of all methods
• be diverse, making use of new forms of technology and space, as appropriate
• provide a framework in which academics are supported and inspired in their teaching, encouraging them
to be individually and collectively innovative and creative.
Initial activity in developing HWU Teaching will focus on:
• gathering and analysing evidence
to inform the speci cation of HWU Teaching (eg inventory of existing teaching practices; survey of academic staff, employers and other external stakeholders; teaching-related information emerging from student surveys; research, bench-marking and trend analysis in teaching practice/ innovation);
• identifying the key factors essential to delivering HWU Teaching (eg staff development and training; technology; infrastructure (space, facilities); institutional leadership and commitment; developing students’ learning skills)
The specification of HWU Teaching will precede the specification of critical, underpinning factors and will provide a framework for determining the University’s developments in these areas.

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