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BY 2025,
• HWU will be responsive to the progression and difference in students’ approaches to learning, recognising the differing ways in which the HWU Graduate 2025 will learn and develop;
• The Heriot-Watt learning experience
will be:
+ de ned by a distinctive HWU approach to learning to learn and to positive education;
+ exciting, ful lling and engaging;
+ focused on understanding, application and collaborative learning;
+ aimed at supporting learner wellbeing;
• There will be a distinctive Heriot-Watt approach to the curriculum, teaching and assessment, balancing both global and local;
• Global will be recognised as an inherent feature of learning and teaching at HWU;
• Students will recognise themselves
as part of a vibrant local and global learning community, in which their learning is developed and facilitated by a global teaching team informed by academic and industrial perspectives from Scotland, Dubai and Malaysia;
• Students will have choices in how they acquire their education, including opportunities to combine modes and locations of study;
• Students will highly value their educational experience at Heriot-Watt;
• Teaching and research will be aligned and valued equally, with staff recognised and rewarded for their teaching, and with learning and teaching supported and resourced across all campuses;
• All academic staff will have a full and equal part in a global teaching team, enabling teaching and collaboration across campuses to be seamless and integrated;
• HWU graduates will be well prepared for employment in a variety of professional careers, globally and locally, having bene tted from a diversity of international experiences;
• All graduates will have acquired the Four HWU Graduate Attributes and employers will con rm
that HWU graduates exemplify the skills and qualities which the HWU learning experience aims to develop.

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