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Page 10 — Strategy 2025 STRATEGIC THEMES
Pioneering in
Heriot-Watt is highly regarded for its degree programmes based on professional and real practical relevance.
Through inspirational approaches to learning our students already acquire the key attributes which are valued by employers, including specialist expertise, creativity, global thinking and professionalism.
Our strategy will support all our students to acquire not only knowledge and skills but also intercultural intelligence, increased personal resilience and the con dence to cope with a rapidly changing world. We will develop a learning to learn approach which will help our students and graduates to  ourish, equipping them to succeed and able to meet the emerging challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
We are committed to enhancing the learning experience of all our students, regardless of their location, level, mode or duration of study. The range of ways in which a student can
gain their education with us is part of how we enhance their experience and we will continue to develop new pathways; be that on campus; through transfer between campuses; learning remotely and primarily through digital media; in partnership between the University and their employer; or by combining modes to best suit their individual circumstances.
Our degree programmes are highly regarded for their professional relevance and the resultant employability of our graduates. Through our strategy we will continue to innovate in the area of global curriculum design. We will further develop our distinctive approach through the latest research into learning, increasing digitalisation, and combining individual and collaborative modes of study.
Offering transformative educational opportunities, locally and globally, will ensure that the learning experience of our students will be inspiring, challenging and ful lling.

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