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Page 12 — Strategy 2025 STRATEGIC THEMES
Excelling in Research and Enterprise
Our strategy will capitalise on opportunities to grow research and enterprise across the University.
We will implement a major expansion in our capacity and reputation through the creation of up to six research institutes. These will build on areas of existing excellence and strive to become internationally leading. They will exemplify our success in research of real value to society and will help to develop our enterprise activities worldwide.
The new institutes will work with funders, businesses and other leading research organisations to co-create research propositions that place us at the forefront of intellectual discovery.
To grow our research portfolio we will create a vigorous and supportive environment that develops opportunities to achieve excellence and which connects our international research communities across our locations and with our network of leading research partners.
We will continue to recruit, retain and develop high calibre research leaders and support them through our values- led approach and our state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, enabling them to achieve world-class success in their areas of specialism.
Our strategy will substantially increase our research income and the contributions that our research will make to the economy and the environment. Through our interdisciplinary approach and close collaboration with industry and business we will build on our reputation to seamlessly evolve our fundamental research to innovation and enterprise.
Developing the people and ideas that spark new businesses and transform organisations will help us to shape tomorrow through our approach to enterprise. We will integrate enterprise activities with our research and teaching, developing new partnerships and strengthening our interactions with business.
Our aim will be to stimulate radical innovation, utilising state- of-the-art interactive spaces to develop creative relationships between our students, staff and business partners, leading to new funding streams and further accelerating the impact of our work.

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