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Page 14 — Strategy 2025 STRATEGIC THEMES
A Global,Connected
Heriot-Watt is a globally connected, multi-campus University, where our students and sta  form an integrated international community.
Our strategy will see us consolidate our move towards a single organisation where geographical location does not limit sta  or student opportunities. Interacting across time zones and locations
will be further enhanced through infrastructure which supports and enables exchange, collaboration and partnership.
Building an organisational culture which reinforces our global, connected identity will be a priority and we will establish wider shared working, and take early actions to evolve our structures to deliver effectively across all our locations.
We will optimise our balance of resources to deliver our core business smoothly and ef ciently across our multi-campus structure and develop agility to respond to opportunities wherever they arise.
We will also strengthen our capabilities in leadership throughout the University, so that our values-led approach is embraced by staff and students across our global community.
The University makes a signi cant contribution in each of
its locations and we will work to further our impact and in uence. We will increase our income and strengthen our  nancial sustainability by developing a more diverse portfolio of income in each of our locations, for example by expanding multi-modal teaching, through research funding, and from fundraising.
Heriot-Watt’s reputation is based on a distinctive education and a pioneering approach: the extent to which we are taking forward our concept of a global university is part of that approach, and through it we will provide stimulating, inspiring and exceptional opportunities for all students and staff.

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