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From a pioneering institute, born out of the Scottish Enlightenment, to a leading global university, our reputation for adapting and evolving teaching, learning and research to meet the changing needs of industry and society has been established throughout our history.
Beginning as the world’s  rst Mechanics Institute which opened up education for working people in 1821, we have continued to be focused on access to learning. Twenty years before legislation forced Scottish universities to open their doors to women in 1889, the Watt Institution had begun admitting women students – a truly radical step.
Our heritage includes a range of notable achievements
in educational leadership and innovation, including: the world’s  rst global MBA through distance learning; the UK’s  rst Actuarial Science Honours degree; the world’s  rst Interpreting and Language degree; and Scotland’s  rst
university to introduce degrees in Computer Science, Building, and British Sign Language.
We have continued this pioneering ethos to opening up educational opportunities and responding to areas of need through a growing internationalism: in 2005 we established the  rst overseas university in Dubai Academic City – to provide top quality British education to students and executives in the Gulf and further a eld; and in 2011 we were chosen by the Malaysian Government to create a new university in Putrajaya – our state-of-the-art  agship campus opened in 2014.
Today, our heritage as providers of practical education and solutions for business and industry sees us leading the way across globally signi cant disciplines including: robotics and AI, sustainable energy, optics and quantum technologies, carbon capture and storage, logistics, engineering, business and design.
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The Dubai Campus was founded. The University was the  rst to set up in the new Dubai International Academic City.
Heriot-Watt University opens its  fth Campus in Putrajaya, Malaysia, only 25 km from Kuala Lumpur.
Edinburgh Business School opens The University celebrates its 200th Panmure House, the former home anniversary.
of father of economics, Adam Smith.

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