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Page 20 — Strategy 2025
Powering up innovation and enterprise
Increasingly we expect our research
to have radical impact on the issues that challenge society, especially in the communities where we are based.
We are developing multidisciplinary research centres strongly connected to our partners and community.
The Lyell Centre, a collaborative venture with the British Geological Survey, is leading the development of a portfolio of frontier geoscience research relevant to climate change issues in all of our locations.
Heriot-Watt is a world leader in robotics and arti cial intelligence addressing key scienti c challenges around managing robotic interactions within a diversity of environments. Combining our scienti c leadership with extensive industrial engagement, we are designing some of the world’s most advanced robotics and autonomous systems with specialism in arti cial intelligence and human robotic interaction. Our National Robotarium enables our engineers, physical and social scientists to deploy arti cial intelligence to serve society.
The hub will offer an integrated capability unique in
the world, spearheading developments to revolutionise manufacturing, healthcare, offshore energy, construction, and marine science.
Building on the GRID concept, we are harnessing both digital design and arti cial intelligence in developing a smart construction centre in Dubai. In Orkney, we are building new community based research projects and energy systems integrating sensors and data science.
Across all of our campuses, we aim to address major societal challenges through radical innovations from our research and community engagement.

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