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Page 24 — Strategy 2025
Measuring our
We monitor what we do to ensure we operate in ways which live up to our purpose.
Our operational plans are monitored to assess performance of both
normal business activities and special initiatives, with our annual planning process driving re nement of plans as we adapt to a changing environment.
Our achievements are represented by a basket of strategic performance indicators (SPIs). The table illustrates how
our strategy themes principally align with the strategic performance indicators. Our Strategy 2025 website ( details our SPIs and progress made to achieve them.
Deliberately two SPIs require further de nition by our University community to pioneer a bold, new global approach.
Environmental Sustainability – in addition to ensuring delivery of any statutory environmental requirements across campus locations, we will develop: globally relevant targets for our emissions; our organisation practises and behaviours; and, importantly, to quantify the net societal and global impact of  agship ground breaking research projects and policies.
Inclusion and Wider Access – we will grow accessibility of students to our graduate residential and on-line programmes. Although well de ned in the UK, we will lead out in de ning and progressing this in all our principal campus locations and other selected territories.

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