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Our Strategy
Heriot-Watt is a distinctive University with global reach and a proud history of providing access to education, ideas and solutions that make a real contribution to the world.
Our strategy is based on our heritage, our expertise, our relevance, and our global presence. We know what we are good at, and we know that our global con guration creates exciting opportunities. This strategy shows how we will realise
those opportunities, imaginatively and energetically.
Our highly distinctive personality make us strong and our capabilities and expertise enable us to serve the future needs of society. Our goal is to educate our students to  ourish in their learning and life skills, and for our University to deliver research and enterprise with profound impact on the communities that we serve.
Our strategy is all about shaping tomorrow together. It comprises four high-level themes that connect to our activities, and which will guide how we will continue to pioneer in education, excel in research, build  ourishing communities and develop our globally connected status.
Our core purpose is to create and exchange knowledge that bene ts society. Our approach is to develop leaders in ideas and solutions. Recognising the challenges of our rapidly changing world requires us to be even more determined to ful l our purpose and advance our approach. Our strategy presents our ambitions in this regard. Through it we will further our reputation as a ground- breaking, high performing university that
makes an outstanding impact across the globe. You can read about our strategic performance indicators on page 24, including our intention to pioneer new measures for global access to education and sustainability be tting a multi-campus international University.
Professor Richard A. Williams OBE FREng FRSE FTSE Principal and Vice-Chancellor

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