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We will build flourishing
Communities  ourish when they are inspired, connected, collaborative and valued. Through our strategy we will continue to generate these attributes across students, staff and alumni, and strive to be a positive in uence on the communities where we are based. We will shape tomorrow together to deliver bene ts for all of society.
We will excel in research
and enterprise
Our research and entrepreneurial approach will place us at the forefront of academic endeavour that aims to make an outstanding impact on society. We will continue to address crucial world issues through our interdisciplinary approach and close collaboration with industry and business.
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We will pioneer in education
Since our foundation in 1821, we have been outward looking pioneers of education, in pursuit of knowledge to the bene t of society and the world. We will continue to offer a distinctive learning experience, enhanced by our global connectivity, and grounded in the needs of a rapidly changing world.
We will be a globally
connected University
Across our  ve campuses and growing international communities we will work to break down any institutional barriers and further encourage outward engagement, collaboration and partnership.

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