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Page 8 — Strategy 2025 STRATEGIC THEMES
Building Flourishing
Heriot-Watt is a vibrant, international, intercultural and interdisciplinary community of sta , students and alumni.
Our strategy will support all our communities in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia, creating opportunities to engage sta  and students with our vision, mission and values.
We will build  ourishing communities by developing the wellbeing of our students and staff, promoting equality and diversity in all its forms across our locations, and embedding a culture of listening and engagement. Encouraging life- long learning and personal development will support our communities to achieve their ambitions and experience greater ful lment.
Our alumni form an extensive, global community with whom we will build stronger relationships by encouraging new ways to grow their engagement with the University and to support their career development.
We will continue to work on the effectiveness, operation and structure of the University, to help our academics excel in their teaching, research and enterprise, creating opportunities for collaboration to  ourish and encouraging partnerships between academia, business and industry.
Across all of our locations we will seek to develop social
and business partnerships which drive economic prosperity, deliver growth and increase our social impact. Encouraging mutually-bene cial connections to  ourish between our staff, students and wider society will underpin activities to share and exchange ideas, skills and learning.
Enabling our communities to be at the heart of the data revolution will also be a priority. We will grow our expertise in data-driven innovation and seek further opportunities
to share that expertise, building on partnerships we have already formed such as that with the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal to become the ‘data capital of Europe’.

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